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Metallica is planning a "journey to the bottom of the Earth." 

The band has confirmed reports that they'll be playing a special concert in Antarctica later this year.  In a website post the group says they've been "unbelievably fortunate to visit just about every corner of the Earth...except for one," and "that is all about to change." 

The band explains that they're teaming up with Coca-Cola Zero for the show, which they're calling "one of the most unique and special concert events" they've ever played.  Metallica will perform in a dome near the Argentine Antarctic Base Carlini heliport on December 8th. 

Residents of select Central and South American countries are eligible to win tickets to a cruise that will make a stop at Carlini for the show, which is also unique in another way. 

Metallica will perform without amplification, and the audience will hear the music through headphones.  The concert will be streamed live in the countries eligible for the contest. 

However, Metallica will also film the show "to share with everyone at a later date."  With the Antarctica concert, Metallica will have performed in every continent on Earth.

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