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Morrissey will continue his tribute to the late Lou Reed next month, this time with a song. 

The former Smiths frontman is set to release his live version of Reed's classic "Satellite of Love," which was recorded back in 2011 during one of Morrissey's concerts in Las Vegas. 

According to the singer's fansite "True to You," the track will be available digitally starting December 2nd and then on vinyl in January.  The special edition release will feature other live tracks in addition to "Satellite of Love," although the details on those have yet to be announced. 

Morrissey is also scheduled to release his new book "Autobiography" in the U.S. on December 3rd, with the audio book version read by actor David Morrissey due out on December 5th. 

Lou Reed died from liver disease on October 27th at the age of 71.  Morrissey released a statement that day saying that "Liberating Lou" will "always be pressed to [his] heart." 

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