My wife, son and I spent some quality time together Saturday and drove over to Lake City to do some fishing.  Little did I know that it would be the same weekend as the Mayflies were hatching.  So for those that have spent time on the Mississippi know that this time of year it is overrun with these flying creatures.  For those that are not familiar it must look like the end of days.  Good thing they only live for about 24 hours.  But those 24 hours can be a scary thing.  They can swarm and create these gray clouds that are so intense they can be seen on the national Weather Service’s Radar. 


As a matter of fact some places like Red Wing Minnesota have had to use snow plows to clear the dead bugs from the road.  They can create hazardous driving conditions too when roads become covered with the dead bugs they can get to be a few inches deep and create slick surfaces on the roads.  3 car crashes were reported in western Wisconsin Sunday Night and the Mayflies are being blamed for the accidents.  Check out these photos from the National Weather Service in La Crosse and see for yourself how bad things got over the weekend.