Mom Suspects Boyfriend Is Planning To Kill Her Son, But He's Just A Nerd

It never pays to snoop, and one mother with an overactive imagination learned that the hard way, much to the delight of the Internet. The 35-year-old mom noticed a note on the desk of her boyfriend of a year, and it had her suspecting him of plotting to murder her seven-year-old son. She posted to Reddit what she found, and along with getting an answer, she got pretty humiliated. Her post reads:

"I've raised my 7 year old son as a single mother. But last year, I started dating and met my current boyfriend. He's perfect and is great with kids and we've even been flirting with the possibility of marriage recently.

That was until last week, I discovered some disturbing writing by his desk. I don't know what it means and I'm getting really paranoid. I stole it from his desk. It says:

'Kill the KID d4 Nf6 c4 g6 Nc3 Bg7 e4 d6 Nf3 0-0 Be2 e5'

I have no idea what these numbers/letters mean and I'm really worried about the title that says 'Kill the KID.'

I've got a really overactive imagination, but I'm wondering if those numbers/letters are co-ordinates of previous children he's killed or something sick like that. I don't know, please just tell me I’m paranoid. I really like him and don't know why he would write this.

tl;dr boyfriend has weird writing about killing what I assume is my kid."

Well good news for the mom - her boyfriend is not planning to murder her son. Instead, he is just a fan of chess. A commenter explained, "Kill the KID is a chess book. KID stands for the King's Indian Defense. The 'coordinates' are chess notation. The dude isn't planning on killing your kids lmao."

Twitter had a field day with the post. 

No word how the boyfriend took it when he learned his potential fiancee suspecting him of being a murderer. 

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