Over 40 Students Treated For Pepper Spray After Brawl At Vegas High School

A high school in Las Vegas has been dealing with fights breaking out all week, and on Thursday (10/11) the violence erupted into a massive brawl during lunch. The fight started in the cafeteria and quickly spilled outside onto the quad at Western High School.

Around 20 students were involved in the melee and police officers had to use pepper spray to get them to stop fighting. According to KTNV, between 40 and 45 students were affected by the pepper spray and required medical treatment from paramedics. 

One student, who was not involved in the fight, told News 3 Las Vegas that he saw one of the officers draw his gun inside the cafeteria in an attempt to get control of the situation. That report was not confirmed by officials, but Clark County School District Police Captain Roberto Morales said that his department will investigate the claim and suggested it may have been a Taser. 

No arrests have been made, but police said that they will be issuing citations to the students involved. 

School officials said that they are trying to get to the bottom of what has been causing the recent outbreak of fighting.

"We are dedicating multiple officers until we can identify the problem and control it and get the students back into a learning environment," Morales said. 

Photo: Google Maps

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