Sharon, Ozzy Explain Why 'The Osbournes' Was Unlike Today's Reality TV

MTV's outrageous early-'00s reality show, The Osbournes, has little in common with the genre it helped spawn.

The Osbournes documented the real day-to-day lives of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne's strange family over its four seasons. There were never any producers giving notes or nudging them into comedy or drama, as is so commonplace in today's reality shows, the couple says.

"What you saw was what we are, you know?" Ozzy told Jim Norton in a new interview. "There's no bulls--t there."

"It's assisted [reality]," Sharon added. "The stuff that I hate with the generation that's come up now, they think that if they're on a reality show and act a bit 'cooky' and 'quirky,' that they're gonna be an instant celebrity. And they're all being false; they're not being themselves and they're all trying to out-'quirky' themselves. And I can't watch it. I find it very irritating."

While Sharon and Ozzy have looked back fondly on The Osbournes, they both have admitted that it was frustrating and intrusive having the MTV camera crews with them at all times. Because the show was real, it didn't always show its four subjects at their best.

Ozzy has since admitted the felt trapped by the cameras and was stoned for all three years of filming.

The show, of course, also chronicled Sharon's battle with cancer, as well as Jack and Kelly Osbourne's own teenage drug and alcohol issues.

Kelly confirmed last fall that the family is constantly offered deals to reboot the show, but has resisted, citing concerns for the next generation of Osbournes.

"We've got other people to think about," she noted. "My brother's got three kids. Do we want that life for them without them being old enough to choose if they want to do it or not, like my brother and I were?"

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