Poison Drummer Rikki Rockett Weighs In On Tommy Lee Playing While Injured

Photo: Getty Images

Mötley Crüe kicked off their Stadium Tour last week, and bringing out Machine Gun Kelly wasn't the only surprise: Tommy Lee had to exit after only a few songs after suffering four broken ribs two weeks earlier. He was replaced by Tommy Clufetos.

This arrangement has continued to work as the tour progresses, with Lee returning to play piano during "Home Sweet Home," but people have mixed feelings about it.

During a recent interview, Rikki Rockett, who plays drums for Mötley Crüe's tour partner Poison, weighed in on Lee playing while injured.

"He’s taking a lot of heat, and I don’t think he should, because I think what’s cool about what he’s doing is he’s coming out there and he’s going, 'This is painful to do it, but I want the audience to know that I’m here. I’m here for the duration. I’m not wussing out on this,'" Rockett said. "Instead of running home and sitting six weeks out while he recovers, he’s part of the team. I think that’s badass.”

Lee addressed the crowd before leaving stage the first time. "I hope you guys have a f***ing great time and my boy Tommy Clufetos back here, he's going to help me get through this," he told the crowd. "The doctors told me, 'No playing, bro. No playing.' And I was like, 'Are you f***ing high, bro? We've got a f***ing tour to do!' So anyway, I ain't sitting out for s**t. My boy's gonna help me out here and I'll see you guys later."

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