Minnesota Destination Named 'Most Expensive Neighborhood' In The State

Waterside community

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We all know the scene.

You drive past suburb after suburb of the exact same house, lawn, and white-picket fence mirrored hundreds of times over until you come across thee suburb.

Yes, that one.

The one where the only thing you can see past a giant metal gate is third floors of mansions with immaculate roofing, romantic Juliet balconies, and the promise of superb fortune. That which you cannot see through the guard fortress you imagine; Perfectly manicured estates with children dancing across the lawn with little to no idea as to how lucky they are to fall into such a fate. Butterflies fly past the children as the sun sets into the nearby golf course where locals can be found perfecting their swing during a free afternoon.

Perhaps you do not wish to live this lifestyle rather; you appreciate it for what it is in addition to appreciating what you have as well. Or perhaps, you have the keys to the gate, and what was previously detailed is your reality! Regardless of your feelings towards, or your proximity to these neighborhoods, they exist. There is one so grand that Family Handyman dubbed it the "most expensive neighborhood" in all of Minnesota!

Per the list, the most expensive neighborhood in Minnesota is the 55403 zip code of Minneapolis.

Here's what Family Handyman had to say about the richest zip code in the entire state:

"A major city in Minnesota that forms “Twin Cities” with the neighboring state capital of St. Paul, Minneapolis has a median home value of $1,008,100."

For a continued list of the most expensive neighborhoods across the country visit familyhandyman.com.

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