Minnesota Destination Named 'Most Popular Lake Town' In The Entire State

Canoe on shore with storm approaching.

Photo: Moment RF

Summer is just around the corner and what better way to build anticipation for the sunshine season than by planning a fun lake weekend with friends and family?

Some people enjoy retreating to the lake for relaxation and slow mornings away from home, while others plan a jam-packed weekend full of water sports and boat parties. Regardless of your reason for packing up and heading to the water, there is one lake in each state that has received glowing reviews from visitors across the globe. So much in fact, that the entire town is revered among the best in the country! This lake town is so special that Finance Buzz named it the "most popular lake town" in the entire state!

Per the list, the most popular lake town in Minnesota is Stillwater.

Here's what Finance Buzz had to say about the most popular lake town in the entire state:

"The kids may love Teddy Bear Park, and history lovers are sure to enjoy the Stillwater Lift Bridge, but Stillwater is also known as a fabulous waterfront community on the St. Croix River. Choose a romantic bed and breakfast or a boutique downtown hotel to take in this city’s many amenities."

For a continued list of the most popular lake towns across America visit financebuzz.com.

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