Minnesota Eatery Named 'Most Popular Mexican Restaurant' In The State

Pork tacos

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You cannot go wrong with a plate of beans, rice, and some of the absolute best Mexican fare around!

Mexican-inspired restaurants are extremely popular throughout the U.S. with each city boasting their go-to spots for an extraordinarily enchilada, a breathtakingly-delicious burrito, and a tall margarita! While there are a handful of these standout locations scattered throughout Minnesota, only one is known for being the best and most popular around!

Be it quality, fresh ingredients or spectacular ambiance, something about this spot keeps customers raving and coming back for more day after day.

So where exactly can you find the best Mexican food in the entire state? We found the answer!

According to a list compiled by Finance Buzz, the most popular Mexican restaurant in Minnesota is Tacos El Kevin in Minneapolis. Finance Buzz praised this restaurant for its crispy tacos dorados among other delicious options.

Here's what Finance Buzz had to say about the most popular restaurant in the entire state:

"Tacos El Kevin is a fun, brightly colored hole-in-the-wall restaurant. The restaurant offers different specials every day, but visitors seem to be particularly drawn to the tacos. Crispy tacos dorados and al pastor are particular fan favorites."

For a continued list of the most popular Mexican restaurants across the country visit financebuzz.com.

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