Minnesota Restaurant Serves The 'Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich' In The State

Someone holding a Cheese Toast before eating.

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Grilled cheese.

Comfort food at its finest.

One might even be so bold as to refer to it as an American delicacy!

You simply cannot go wrong with a grilled cheese sandwich, especially when it's crafted at the restaurant that serves the best grilled cheese sandwich in the entire state. Be it an abundance of cheesy goodness, fresh ingredients, crispy bread, or the perfect amount of oil, butter, and spices; something about the way that this restaurant serves grilled cheese allows it to stand out from the rest, so much so that LoveFood has named it the best place to order a grilled cheese sandwich in all of Minnesota!

Per LoveFood's list, the best grilled cheese sandwich in Minnesota is "The Jerk" served at All Square in Minneapolis.

Here's what LoveFood detailed about the absolute best grilled cheese sandwich in the entire state:

"The selection of gourmet grilled cheeses at this cute spot is always on point, with specials often created by staff members. The runaway favorite of the core menu is The Jerk, which comes layered with mild-spiced Jamaican jerk seasoned chicken and mozzarella cheese, plus a little kick from guava jam. Customers love that it has a satisfying hit of heat. All Square is a place with a purpose too: the restaurant is a social non-profit that invests money to help formerly incarcerated people become future leaders."

For a continued list of the best grilled cheese sandwiches across the country visit lovefood.com.

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