See Where Minnesota Ranks On A List Of The Most Beautiful States in the US

Red canoe on rocky shore of calm northern lake

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Would you consider your state to be the most beautiful place to live in all of America?

Each state offers a unique essence unlike any other, whether it be portrayed amid stunning nature scapes, or within unmatched man-made architecture. The state you live in might be beautiful, but how beautiful is it in comparison to the other 49?

According to Thrillist, Minnesota ranks as the 24th most beautiful state in America. Per the list, the top three most beautiful states in the country include California, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Here's what Thrillist had to say about why they ranked Minnesota as the 24th most beautiful place in the U.S.:

"In a classic Midwestern undersell, the Land of 10,000 Lakes actually boasts closer to 12,000, so Minnesota’s got plenty to ooh and aaw about in between smacking mosquitoes. But it’s the North Shore that truly drops jaws: You’ll find rugged lakeside cliffs lined with lighthouses and deep forests that conceal stellar hiking trails and waterfalls; come in the summertime, when the Boundary Waters offers some of the most sought-after fishing and canoeing in the upper prairie. The sheer, rugged Lake Superior shoreline gives another glimpse of raw North America, and the pocky glacial holes around Interstate State Park will remind you how far north you really are."

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