What TV Show Would You Bring Back?

TV lately, has been quite boring. I mean, I still watch but I don't really have a "go to" show that I watch religiously. It makes me miss shows like Breaking Bad.

It took me a few tries to really get into Breaking Bad. I would get through 2 or 3 episodes and stop watching because I got bored with it. Then, after constantly hearing about how good it was from friends and how you "have to give it a good 4-5 episodes before you really get into it.  I gave it one more try and I'm glad I did. 

It does start out slow but that's just to really introduce the characters. You get to know exactly WHY Walt did what he did. Once in, you're hooked. Or at least I was. My wife and I binge watched it on Netflix and got caught up. I didn't really realize the popularity of the show until we went to get season 3 on DVD (Because it hadn't been on Netflix yet) We stopped at 2 different stores the day it went on sale and they were all sold out. Finally, at the 3rd store, they had one copy left. We took it home right away and watched all the episodes in a couple days. 

Some friends of mine were upset with how the show ended. Me? I thought it was the PERFECT ending and I wouldn't want it any other way.

If you're like me and couldn't get into after the first couple of episodes, give it a few more. You will not be disappointed. Best. Show. Ever.

Another show I'd love to see come back, (and there was talk of it, The Office. Great comedic writing. The Office and Breaking Bad are shows I keep watching on Netflix. They never get old to me. 

What is one TV show you'd love to come back or a show that you still watch, even after seeing the whole series?


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