UPDATE: It WAS a Shark in Minnesota! Did Someone Just Catch a Shark in Minnesota? You be the judge!

Yesterday we reported that an angler in Minnesota was not sure what he caught in the Mississippi River near Grand Rapids Minnesota.  But one of the theories was a real shark.  See original post below.  

But there is NO WAY a Shark could be in Minnesota, Right?.  You are partially correct.  KARE 11 reported that in fact it WAS a shark.  More specific the DNR identified it as a Sand Tiger Shark, as salt water shark that could not survive in the fresh waters of Minnesota.  


The angler that caught the Jaw Bone took it to the DNR and they were speechless.  Read the post below.

Now the question is, How did the shark get into the Mississippi River in Minnesota.  Most experts believe it is virtually impossible for the animal to swim all the way up the Mississippi.  Most likely scenario is that someone had the shark as a pet and released it when it became to big to care for.  But we may never know.

Original Post Below


Minnesota's fishing opener over the weekend got off to a strange start.  One angler is not sure what he caught in the Mississippi River near Grand Rapids Minnesota.  The fisherman is part of a Minnesota Fishing Group and posted these photos along with his story of what has happened and what he is doing to get answers on the strange jaw and teeth he discovered.  

Some people speculated that it is a Musky but others say it is close but not exact.  If not a Musky then what is it?  One idea that is being tossed around on facebook is that it's a shark.  But how could a shark survive her in Minnesota?  Here is one theory on facebook.

If you have lived in Minnesota for an extended period of time then you have certainly heard of other shark stories out of the Mississippi River like this one:

Or this one:

If you have never heard of either of those stories then you would definitely be freaked out.  You and the family love going to the Mississippi River but not now!  No way will you ever swim in that thing again.  Right?  No wrong.  Both of those stories were 100% false.  There has never been a shark caught in the state of Minnesota.  Confirmed in an article last year done by Southern Minnesota News.  See the complete story HERE!  So where does that leave us on the strange jaw and teeth?  We will have to wait and see what the angler reports from the Minnesota DNR but it most likely is NOT a shark.  

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