The Noises Your House Makes When it’s Cold Outside


All night last night my house was making all sorts of unusual noises.  It sounded like someone was banging on the outside of my house.  Then it sounded like someone was putting a new roof on.  Of course the dog thinks he needs to bark with every creak.  This went on all night and finally stopped around 9 am this morning.  

I talked with some friends and everyone I talked with said the same thing.  They had heard the same noises too.  Well of course my first reaction was there is no way the same ghost visited all of our houses. So what was it?  

I will explain.  When temperatures drop quickly, like they did last night, it can cause the buildings material to expand and contract releasing energy to create the loud noises you here.  Beams, nails, windows etc can make it sound like a gun fight right outside your home.  Decks are the most likely to make noise but not exclusive.  Majority of the time it will pas once the son is up and the home warms a bit on the outside.  Hope this helps you sleep a little better the next time this happens.  

Big Mark Clark

Big Mark Clark

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