Woodstock Wasn't What You Think It Was

Michael Lang, the promoter of the first Woodstock wants to do a 50th anniversary Woodstock.  Frankly, I don't get it, call it whatever you want to call it, but its just another music festival.  Woodstock cannot be recreated, and anytime a music festival happens it is essentially a tribute to the original Woodstock.  Sure, looking back on it, it was indeed a groundbreaking weekend, but the mistakes learned there have saved people at future concert weekends from the suffering a lot of people felt at Woodstock.  Think about it, bottled water didn't exist yet.  How many porta potties per a certain amount of people does one need to do a show like this? One per 45 people attending.  At Woodstock, there was one potty for every 845 people.  I mean, if you really want to do it like the original Woodstock, then try holding your bowels for hours before you can relieve yourself, sleep in a wet sleeping bag and don't bathe for at least 4 days while running around in mud mixed with sewage.  Make sure not to eat anything after the first day and give yourself a good 24 hours with nothing in your belly before indulging in a cup full of granola.  MMMMMMMMM!!!!  

I don't want to burst anybody's bubble, but instead of trying to recreate Woodstock, why can't anyone just create an event so huge it shuts a whole county down and forces the government to declare it a disaster?  What?  That shouldn't happen?  No it shouldn't, but poor planning created the infamous disaster that Woodstock is famous for in spite of not stopping the music.  You can thank Michael Lang for not paying attention to the details.  Unless there is intrigue, thievery, people going hungry, catching Hep C from walking in poop, and broke ass hippies, there can never be another Woodstock.  -Morgen

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